Twin Over Full Bunk Bed With Trundle Review

When we moved to NJ in November last year, we were a family of four and the three bedroom townhouse was just about right for us. But with a baby on the way this year, we felt the need to conserve every bit of space that we could. So, a bunk bed came into the scheme of things for the two boys. For a while, we considered getting a full over full bunk. But after a bit of research, we decided to go with a twin over full bunk bed with trundle instead.

The bigger one is 11 and can sleep on the lower bunk and the smaller one who’s 8 can sleep on the upper bunk, while the trundle serves as the perfect additional sleeping space for guests and for child sleepovers.

After scourging local furniture outlets for trundle bed on sale, we discovered that most of the twin over full bunk bed with trundle in our price bracket were either made of metal or plastic and we were looking for an all-wooden constructed bed. That’s when we found the Twin over full staircase bunk bed by ‘Discovery World Furniture on Amazon trundle bed deals. This amazing bed is made of soft pine and is one of the best trundle beds that we have seen so far.

One glance and we were sold to be honest. After using it for eight months, it has not been a bad decision at all.

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Beautiful design

One of the first things that we liked about this twin over full bunk bed with trundle is the large horizontal slats used for the stairs. Bunk beds can be everything from castles to fortresses for kids and the last thing we needed was the child tumbling down the stairs. This one gives a firm footing to your child and minimizes the risk of slippage.

We were wondering how to make trundle bed and whether it would take the weight of an adult. After installation, my husband climbed the stairs to make the upper bunk and put the quilt. The bed stayed rock steady. No creaking sound or wobble. It is tested to comply with ASTM and CPSC specifications for safety.

The bed has a honey lacquer finish which blends in perfectly with any type of décor. The edges are rounded and the finish is smooth without any splinters or rough portions.

Overall, it looks amazing when assembled and we have received a lot of compliments from guests about the finish.

Spacious sleeping surface

The full sized lower bunk on this twin over full bunk bed with trundle has a weight capacity of approximately 400 lbs. which makes it a perfect choice for adults too. We have a 10 inch mattress on it and have slept on it in the day time without any problem. Does not feel cramped even when used by two adults.

The upper twin sized bed can be used with an 8 inch mattress and the trundle can be used with a 6 inch mattress.

The stairs can be installed on either side of the bed depending on the alignment of your room. Also, the stairs have built-in dressers or drawers which provide some much needed storage space.


The bed is shipped in multiple boxes with separate parts and except for the chairs and drawers which come preassembled; everything else has to be assembled from scratch. It does include a trundle bed guide, but at times, you can get confused due to the many parts. It took us three hours to assemble everything together. None of the parts were missing or damaged.

Also, we got a tad confused about installing the stairs despite it being mentioned in the instructional manual. We got a quick response from the company though. So plus one for the excellent customer service.  The support we received when buying the twin over full bunk bed with trundle has been a great experience from start to finish.

What we liked about it

Like we mentioned earlier, everything from the design to the construction is top notch. But here’s what we liked the most about this twin over full bunk bed with trundle.

  • Beautiful honey lacquer finish
  • Large horizontal slats for stairs
  • Storage space near stairs
  • Made of soft pine
  • Solid and durable
  • Full sized lower bunk with a weight capacity of 400 pounds
  • Ideal for adults too
  • Twin sized upper bed and trundle
  • Trundle can be pushed to any part of the house when needed
  • Also available with storage dressers in place of the trundle

What could have been better

The only thing that could have been better about this twin over full bunk bed with trundle is the ability to separate the two bunks. This is not down stackable and the only sleeping surface that can be separated is the trundle. So, you will have to use these as it is after assembly.

Verdict: A bunk bed with a trundle made of solid wood priced under $900 is a rarity. This cheapest trundle bed is sturdy, spacious and beautifully designed. Cannot ask for more.

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