Best Mattress for Trundle Bed – Top Choices Updated for 2019

If you bought a ready-made trundle bed then it probably came with a mattress. In this article, we will go over the best mattress for trundle bed if you are ever in the market to replace it. We did all the dirty work when it comes to researching different sizes and comfort levels and you can take our advice down below.

Size Matters

The most common of all sizes for trundle beds is 75 inches by 39 inches, which is the basic size of a twin mattress. In some cases, you may find what they call a “narrow” twin which is 30 inches wide instead. This twin over full bunk bed with trundle is a prime example of a set up that uses a normal twin size trundle mattress.

In terms of the thickness of the mattress, they generally range from 6 inches to 8 inches, but you should check with your specific bed to make sure you get the size the manufacturer recommends. A helpful tip is to get a mattress that still gives you some extra space so that you can leave the bed made with blankets and pillows, and still fit underneath your main bed. If you are worried about comfort with a 6-inch thick mattress then you can rest easy because it’s more than enough for kids up to young adults, especially if you are only sleeping on it for a couple of nights or less.

Mattress Type

For the most part, you will either encounter spring mattresses or foam mattresses. They both have their pros and cons but to sum it up:

  • Spring mattresses are more on the soft and bouncy side. They are cheaper but also don’t last as long as foam.
  • Foam mattresses may feel firm at first but it will last longer and is only a little bit more expensive than spring mattresses.

Note: for the sake of simplicity, this guide is based on twin-sized trundle bed mattresses.

Trundle Mattress Top Picks

Top Foam Pick – Zinus Memory Foam for Trundle Bed

Best Mattress for Trundle Bed

Although this mattress comes in various sizes and thicknesses, our top pick is the 6-inch version. There is also an 8-inch version but the 6 inch rides the line of comfort and affordability perfectly and leaves you with some extra bucks to buy some sheets and pillows. Like mentioned above, this foam is a little more firm than a spring mattress but at the same time, it contours to your body better than a spring mattress could. The composition is actually 1 inch of memory foam on top of 5 inches of dense, base foam. This particular mattress from Zinus is infused with green tea extract and castor seed oil which is supposed to naturally defend the mattress from bad odors and bacteria.

Top Spring Pick – Zinus Spring Mattress for Trundle Bed

This model only comes in 6 inches but that is great for our purpose of putting it on a trundle bed. The structure consists of 5-inch, heavy-duty springs with 2 foam layers on top; a comfort layer and a high-density layer. In the past, spring mattresses were so much cheaper than foam ones that it was almost the default choice for most people. Now with lower costs, the decision will ultimately come down to your preferences.

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