Twin Bed With Trundle Review

Trundle beds are slowly graduating from an optional addition in the guest room to a must-have furniture piece in the main bedroom as the need for extra sleeping surfaces increase. From hosting sleepovers for the kiddy gang to catering to friends who turn up unexpectedly, having a twin bed with trundle keeps you covered and prevents your guests from camping on the floor.

One of the best choices for compact homes is a twin bed with trundle. It allows two people to sleep comfortably without eating into valuable square footage and can even be used as a comfortable day bed.

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The Concord bed from Atlantic furniture is one of the most popular twin beds with trundle in the market currently. It has a 90% positive customer rating on Amazon and an impressive feature set that is highlighted by a hardwood construction and the option to use a plush 8-inch mattress for the trundle.

Eco-friendly hardwood construction

Most hardwood frame beds are sold in the mid five hundred price range and a lot of people expect that this twin bed with trundle will be made of engineered wood. Instead, the trundle bed frame is crafted from eco-friendly hardwood (rubber) which makes it a very durable and sturdy choice.

The hardwood has a five-step protective paint finish which does not fade, peel or crack after a few months. Dusting with a dry cloth is all that is needed to keep it spic and span.

This atlantic trundle bed has a foot board but lacks a headboard and cover on the bottom portion that usually faces the wall.

You can buy a headboard separately. But if you choose not to buy it, then using this as a freestanding bed may be a tad difficult because it looks open from one end. Also, this limits the functionality as a day bed.

Minimalistic design

The Concord twin bed with trundle has a minimalistic design that fits easily into just about any décor theme. It is available in four color choices, which are, white, antique walnut, caramel latte and espresso. This makes it possible to customize the look of your room to the T.

Further, the simplistic design allows you to club it with a bevy of accessories and supporting furniture pieces like bed side tables and storage racks which are available from Atlantic furniture.

The twin daybed with trundle rolls out on casters and can be used as a standalone sleeping surface in any part of the house. It does not have handles though. There are two grooves which allow you to grab and remove the trundle easily from under the bed.

The twin bed with trundle comes with two sets of legs, long and short. If you do not want to use it as a trundle bed, you can install the short legs. The longer legs give it enough room to use the trundle with an 8 inch mattress.

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Easy Assembly

Assembly is fairly simple and it uses a slats-in-grooves design which is easy to install. You can either install the slats as it is or even secure it to the bed frame with screws. Either ways, the bed is solid and sturdy without any wobble.

All the parts needed for the installation are included in the twin bed with trundle package and it even contains some extra screws if you need it. All you need is a trundle bed mattress and you are all set to use two comfortable sleeping surfaces.

What we liked about it

This trundle beds for adults is compact, multifunctional and extremely durable. Everything from the design to the sturdy construction deserves thumbs up. But here are the best features of the bed in a glance.

  • Constructed from Eco-friendly hardwood
  • Available in four different colors
  • Protective five step finish that prevents the color from fading, chipping or peeling off
  • Slats in grooves design that does not need a foundation
  • Sturdy and durable bed
  • Easy to assemble twin bed with trundle
  • Trundle bed on casters that can be rolled out when needed
  • Two sets of legs included in the package that let you use it as a standalone bed if need be
  • Trundle bed easily accommodates a plush 8 inch mattress

What we did not like about it

Despite having a great customer rating, this twin bed with trundle does have a minor design flaw. It lacks a headboard and also the footboard in the bottom on one side. This prevents you from using it without a wall to support it from one side.  Other than this, it is a complete package that comes at a great price point.

Verdict: Do not even think twice. It is hard to beat the quality and the price advantage that this trundle bed brings to the table. If you are looking for a trundle bed for cheap, then look no further.

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