Bunk Bed With Trundle Review

Children and bunk beds are an inseparable combo that can never go wrong. They just love climbing the stairs to hit the sack, building castles and an occasional game of cowboys and Indians. This is what makes the purchase a no-brainer. Looking for a bunk bed with trundle for the kiddy room? Bunk beds qualify as the unanimous choice. And if you are not looking for the extra storage under the bed, then you can choose a bunk bed with a trundle.

Oh yes, those exist too.

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Bunk Bed With Trundle

As if the bunk bed wasn’t good enough, the bunk bed with trundle gives you an extra sleeping place that stays neatly tucked away under the bed when not required and only rolls out on casters when you have a guest or a kiddy sleepover.

But buying a bunk bed with trundle has become more challenging than ever due to cheap Chinese imports flooding the market. After spending hours researching about the pros and cons of the bestselling bunk beds with trundle in the market, we found the ‘Merlot Twin Twin Staircase Bunk’ from Discovery World Furniture.

This simple trundle bed features immaculately designed twin sized bunk beds, a stepped staircase and a perfectly concealed trundle that can accommodate a 7 inch mattress with a duvet or an 8 inch one without a duvet. Here’s our trundle bed review.

Sturdy and stylish

One of the challenges that parents often face when they look to buy trundle bed is to find one that is stable. Kids being kids, will often race up the stairs and jump into the bed. The last thing you need is a bed that wobbles or tips under the weight of the child.

This bunk bed with trundle is made from 100% solid pine. It remains sturdy and wobble free even when an adult climbs into it. Unlike other bunk beds which often have rungs in place of steps, it features wide steps which give you a firm footing while ascending or descending from the top bed.

If you are concerned of the kids slipping on the stairs, then you can always make some simple modifications and use non-skid mats on the stairs.

You can also un-bunk them completely and use them as two separate beds if need be. The only caveat is that when you detach the stairs portion, the lower end of the beds remains open without a foot board.

The distance between the two bunks is approximately 3 and ½ feet which allows you to sit comfortably without slouching your head. This may reduce depending on the size of the mattress you use though.

You can’t help but be amazed at the merlot finish on this luxury trundle bed. Make no mistake, this is not mahogany red. It is merlot like the wine and looks stunning when paired with any type of décor theme.

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Storage options and a trundle

What makes this bunk bed with trundle such a versatile furniture piece is that it comes with four storage drawers that will let your kids store their bedtime essentials. The drawers are immaculately positioned on the sides and are easily accessible. This eliminates the need for additional storage on the stairs. Further, it also features a book rack for those lazy days spent reading their favorite books.

If you prefer to roll out the trundle and use it permanently as a standalone bed, then you can also purchase additional storage drawers for under the bed. The trundle rolls out easily and can be pushed to other rooms also if need be.

Easy assembly

Assembly is fairly easy provided that you can find your way around with wooden furniture. The parts are not labeled though. So, if you have never installed furniture before, then this may take up to four hours to set up completely.

What we liked about it

If you are looking for trundle bed with drawers with an additional sleeping surface, you will be sold the moment you set your eyes on this one from Discovery World Furniture.

It is beautifully designed, sturdy, durable and incredibly versatile. There are so many ways to use this. You can install the stairs on either side, un-bunk it, use the trundle and use storage drawers in place of the trundle.

Here are the best features of this bunk bed with trundle.

  • 100% Pine construction
  • Solid wood
  • Merlot finish
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Wide stairs for firm footing
  • 160 lbs. weight limit for the upper bed
  • Excellent clearance between the two bunks
  • Four storage drawers on the side
  • Book rack on the bed side
  • Trundle on wheels that rolls out easily
  • Option to use storage drawers in place of a trundle
  • Easy assembly bunk bed with trundle

What we did not like

The trundle bed instructions are slightly vague and if you are a total noob to wood working, it is quite possible that you may find yourself as lost as a cow on Astroturf.


This is hands down, the best bunk bed with trundle in the market currently. It is designed beautifully and if customer trundle bed reviews are to go by, then it holds up for years without any problems. You can buy trundle bed online at a great price too.

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