Bunk Bed With Trundle Review

Children and bunk beds are an inseparable combo that can never go wrong. They just love climbing the stairs to hit the sack, building castles and an occasional game of cowboys and Indians. This is what makes the purchase a no-brainer. Looking for a bunk bed with trundle for the kiddy room? Bunk beds qualify as the unanimous choice. And if you are not looking for the extra storage under the bed, then you can choose a bunk bed with a trundle.

Oh yes, those exist too.

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Bunk Bed With Trundle

As if the bunk bed wasn’t good enough, the bunk bed with trundle gives you an extra sleeping place that stays neatly tucked away under the bed when not required and only rolls out on casters when you have a guest or a kiddy sleepover.

But buying a bunk bed with trundle has become more challenging than ever due to cheap Chinese imports flooding the market. After spending hours researching about the pros and cons of the bestselling bunk beds with trundle in the market, we found the ‘Merlot Twin Twin Staircase Bunk’ from Discovery World Furniture.

This simple trundle bed features immaculately designed twin sized bunk beds, a stepped staircase and a perfectly concealed trundle that can accommodate a 7 inch mattress with a duvet or an 8 inch one without a duvet. Here’s our trundle bed review.

Sturdy and stylish

One of the challenges that parents often face when they look to buy trundle bed is to find one that is stable. Kids being kids, will often race up the stairs and jump into the bed. The last thing you need is a bed that wobbles or tips under the weight of the child.

This bunk bed with trundle is made from 100% solid pine. It remains sturdy and wobble free even when an adult climbs into it. Unlike other bunk beds which often have rungs in place of steps, it features wide steps which give you a firm footing while ascending or descending from the top bed.

If you are concerned of the kids slipping on the stairs, then you can always make some simple modifications and use non-skid mats on the stairs.

You can also un-bunk them completely and use them as two separate beds if need be. The only caveat is that when you detach the stairs portion, the lower end of the beds remains open without a foot board.

The distance between the two bunks is approximately 3 and ½ feet which allows you to sit comfortably without slouching your head. This may reduce depending on the size of the mattress you use though.

You can’t help but be amazed at the merlot finish on this luxury trundle bed. Make no mistake, this is not mahogany red. It is merlot like the wine and looks stunning when paired with any type of décor theme.

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Storage options and a trundle

What makes this bunk bed with trundle such a versatile furniture piece is that it comes with four storage drawers that will let your kids store their bedtime essentials. The drawers are immaculately positioned on the sides and are easily accessible. This eliminates the need for additional storage on the stairs. Further, it also features a book rack for those lazy days spent reading their favorite books.

If you prefer to roll out the trundle and use it permanently as a standalone bed, then you can also purchase additional storage drawers for under the bed. The trundle rolls out easily and can be pushed to other rooms also if need be.

Easy assembly

Assembly is fairly easy provided that you can find your way around with wooden furniture. The parts are not labeled though. So, if you have never installed furniture before, then this may take up to four hours to set up completely.

What we liked about it

If you are looking for trundle bed with drawers with an additional sleeping surface, you will be sold the moment you set your eyes on this one from Discovery World Furniture.

It is beautifully designed, sturdy, durable and incredibly versatile. There are so many ways to use this. You can install the stairs on either side, un-bunk it, use the trundle and use storage drawers in place of the trundle.

Here are the best features of this bunk bed with trundle.

  • 100% Pine construction
  • Solid wood
  • Merlot finish
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Wide stairs for firm footing
  • 160 lbs. weight limit for the upper bed
  • Excellent clearance between the two bunks
  • Four storage drawers on the side
  • Book rack on the bed side
  • Trundle on wheels that rolls out easily
  • Option to use storage drawers in place of a trundle
  • Easy assembly bunk bed with trundle

What we did not like

The trundle bed instructions are slightly vague and if you are a total noob to wood working, it is quite possible that you may find yourself as lost as a cow on Astroturf.


This is hands down, the best bunk bed with trundle in the market currently. It is designed beautifully and if customer trundle bed reviews are to go by, then it holds up for years without any problems. You can buy trundle bed online at a great price too.

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Twin Bed With Trundle Review

Trundle beds are slowly graduating from an optional addition in the guest room to a must-have furniture piece in the main bedroom as the need for extra sleeping surfaces increase. From hosting sleepovers for the kiddy gang to catering to friends who turn up unexpectedly, having a twin bed with trundle keeps you covered and prevents your guests from camping on the floor.

One of the best choices for compact homes is a twin bed with trundle. It allows two people to sleep comfortably without eating into valuable square footage and can even be used as a comfortable day bed.

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The Concord bed from Atlantic furniture is one of the most popular twin beds with trundle in the market currently. It has a 90% positive customer rating on Amazon and an impressive feature set that is highlighted by a hardwood construction and the option to use a plush 8-inch mattress for the trundle.

Eco-friendly hardwood construction

Most hardwood frame beds are sold in the mid five hundred price range and a lot of people expect that this twin bed with trundle will be made of engineered wood. Instead, the trundle bed frame is crafted from eco-friendly hardwood (rubber) which makes it a very durable and sturdy choice.

The hardwood has a five-step protective paint finish which does not fade, peel or crack after a few months. Dusting with a dry cloth is all that is needed to keep it spic and span.

This atlantic trundle bed has a foot board but lacks a headboard and cover on the bottom portion that usually faces the wall.

You can buy a headboard separately. But if you choose not to buy it, then using this as a freestanding bed may be a tad difficult because it looks open from one end. Also, this limits the functionality as a day bed.

Minimalistic design

The Concord twin bed with trundle has a minimalistic design that fits easily into just about any décor theme. It is available in four color choices, which are, white, antique walnut, caramel latte and espresso. This makes it possible to customize the look of your room to the T.

Further, the simplistic design allows you to club it with a bevy of accessories and supporting furniture pieces like bed side tables and storage racks which are available from Atlantic furniture.

The twin daybed with trundle rolls out on casters and can be used as a standalone sleeping surface in any part of the house. It does not have handles though. There are two grooves which allow you to grab and remove the trundle easily from under the bed.

The twin bed with trundle comes with two sets of legs, long and short. If you do not want to use it as a trundle bed, you can install the short legs. The longer legs give it enough room to use the trundle with an 8 inch mattress.

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Easy Assembly

Assembly is fairly simple and it uses a slats-in-grooves design which is easy to install. You can either install the slats as it is or even secure it to the bed frame with screws. Either ways, the bed is solid and sturdy without any wobble.

All the parts needed for the installation are included in the twin bed with trundle package and it even contains some extra screws if you need it. All you need is a trundle bed mattress and you are all set to use two comfortable sleeping surfaces.

What we liked about it

This trundle beds for adults is compact, multifunctional and extremely durable. Everything from the design to the sturdy construction deserves thumbs up. But here are the best features of the bed in a glance.

  • Constructed from Eco-friendly hardwood
  • Available in four different colors
  • Protective five step finish that prevents the color from fading, chipping or peeling off
  • Slats in grooves design that does not need a foundation
  • Sturdy and durable bed
  • Easy to assemble twin bed with trundle
  • Trundle bed on casters that can be rolled out when needed
  • Two sets of legs included in the package that let you use it as a standalone bed if need be
  • Trundle bed easily accommodates a plush 8 inch mattress

What we did not like about it

Despite having a great customer rating, this twin bed with trundle does have a minor design flaw. It lacks a headboard and also the footboard in the bottom on one side. This prevents you from using it without a wall to support it from one side.  Other than this, it is a complete package that comes at a great price point.

Verdict: Do not even think twice. It is hard to beat the quality and the price advantage that this trundle bed brings to the table. If you are looking for a trundle bed for cheap, then look no further.

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Full Size Daybed With Trundle Review

For a long time, daybed designs were limited to ‘couch imitations’. In the recent past however, there has been an explosion of design choices that range from contemporary to exotic and blend in with just about any décor scheme. One of the most popular designs among homeowners looking to maximize space utility is a full size daybed with trundle.

As the name suggests, it can double up as a full sized daybed and also features a trundle bed that remains hidden during the day under the bed frame and can be pushed out during the night, when the situation demands additional sleeping space. From kiddy sleepovers to unexpected guests, a trundle bed can be a lifesaver in more situations than one.

During our quest for the best full size daybed with trundle, we came across this stunning daybed from Poundex that boasts of a clean and contemporary design with practical features. Irrespective of whether you are looking for a worthy upgrade to your old full size daybed or looking to add a functional piece of furniture to your home or office, this daybed with trundle bed deserves to be on the top of your wish list.

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full size daybed with trundle

Stunning design

The full size daybed from Poundex features an all-white color scheme. Even though the manufacturer mentions it as cream, off-white would be a better way to describe it.

This has a sober and soothing influence on the décor of the room. But it is in no way, subdued. The contemporary design makes it the ideal eye candy for living rooms and offices. The upholstery is not cheap quality vinyl. The faux leather looks classy and elegant. It is extremely low maintenance too. An occasional wipe with a dry cloth will keep it looking as good as new.

The trundle bed twin has clean lines and rounded edges with an upholstered headboard that serves as the perfect backrest when you want to laze around with a book. The headboard is about 54 inches wide and 41 inches tall. Please keep in mind though that if you use a really thick mattress, then it would reduce the height of the headboard a tad.

The legs have a natural wooden finish which serves as the perfect contrast against the white of the full size daybed with trundle.

Durable construction

This full size daybed with trundle is constructed from durable hardwood. It has a firm and solid feel to it when completely assembled. Most importantly, there are no creaking noises even when an adult person gets on it to rest. The daybed is a full sized bed that is 54 inches wide and you can use an 8 inch plush mattress with it.

The trundle bed has caster wheels and is not attached to the trundle bed frame in any way. This makes it possible to move it to any part of the house as a separate bed if need be. It is a twin sized bed and you can use a 6 inch mattress with it, giving you a comfortable sleeping surface.

Assembly is extremely simple. Even if you are a novice with tools, it should not take you more than 30 minutes to set this up completely.

The only tricky part in the assembly process is that the slats need to be inserted before you insert the middle row. If you install the middle row first, then you may have to remove it again to install the slats and there is a risk that some of the clips may get damaged. So ensure that you read the instructions carefully before assembling the bed.

What we liked

A lot of people are skeptical about buying trundle bed online. One look at this white trundle bed set and you’d be amazed at the quality and the design. It is complete value for money. Here’s what we liked the most about this full size daybed with trundle.

  • Beautiful contemporary design
  • Rounded edges
  • All-white upholstery
  • Classy faux leather
  • Durable hardwood construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Full sized daybed and twin sized trundle bed
  • Trundle bed on casters which can be moved to any part of the house
  • Fast shipping

What we didn’t

We tried our best to pick nits with this full bed with trundle but were unable to find any serious flaws with the design or the quality. Without sounding clichéd, it is a perfectly designed package that gives you a comfortable daybed and a twin sized trundle bed.


Unbeatable value! This full size daybed with trundle can easily pass off for a much higher priced furniture piece. It is beautifully designed and extremely durable. Cannot ask for more. If  you’re looking for a full size daybed with trundle you really cannot go wrong with this one.

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Full Over Full Bunk Bed With Trundle Review

We wanted to give you our full over full bunk bed with trundle review here so that you can make a better decision before purchasing one. Living with children who fast outgrow their toys and also their beds can be more difficult than you’d imagined. That favorite bunk bed of theirs, which they refused to part way with will soon become too cramped and start creaking as your elder one climbs into it every night. The last thing you need is a child fall out or stumble as they try to descend the ladder.

That’s why a full over full bunk bed with trundle is a more popular choice these days.

It gives you access to two full sized beds and a trundle bed for a smaller child or a friend during a sleepover. Contrary to popular notion, they are not too larger than a twin daybed with trundle or a queen daybed with trundle either.

While looking for the best full over full bunk bed with trundle, we discovered this fantastic all-wood bunk bed from Donco which is durable, safe and designed to perfection.

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Beautiful Cappuccino finish

Donco’s range of youth furniture that includes bunk beds and platform beds are quite popular. The family owned business specializes in beds made of solid wood that are known for its durability. This full over full bunk bed with trundle features an all-wood trundle bed frame in a beautiful cappuccino finish.

Safe and Sturdy

Unlike cheap furniture, the finish is sanded and has a clean and smooth coating without any splinters making it completely safe for kids of all ages. Also, Donco does not use lead in the construction of its furniture and all its products undergo rigorous safety tests and comply with ASTM and CPSC safety standards. The full over full bunk bed with trundle is very safe and sturdy for anyone.

While the exact weight load of the bed is not clear, customer reviews mention that the upper bunk can easily accommodate a person above 200 pounds making it perfect for teenagers as well as adults.

The top rung also includes guard rails which will prevent the sleeping person from rolling over or falling out in their sleep. You can use an 8 inch mattress for the top bunk and a 6 inch one for the trundle.

The ladder on this full over full bunk bed with trundle has flat horizontal slats which give a firm footing while climbing or descending. The slat rolls also serve as the foundation for the mattress preventing the need for a bunky board.

Easy assembly

Donco provides you with a detailed manual which makes assembly fairly straightforward. If you are new to assembling furniture, then it may take you at least three to four hours though. Everything you need to assemble the bed is included in the package.

Flawless Design

We have been reviewing bunk beds with trundles for a while now and have seen many beds which are advertised with deceptive pictures. After assembling the bed, we notice that the space between the two bunks is too less for an adult to sit upright or that the space between the lower bunk and the floor is too less to use a comfortable sized mattress for the trundle.

This trundle bed full is one of the most perfectly designed ones that we have ever seen.  Both bunks can support a full sized mattress (54″ x 74″) and the distance between the bottom bunk and the floor is 11 inches which is more than sufficient to use an 8 inch trundle bed mattress comfortably.

Also, you have 30 inches of space between the two bunks which is enough for an adult to sit without slouching or bending their neck. Please remember that the size of the mattress you use will reduce this space further.

This full over full bunk bed with trundle from Donco can also be separated into two full sized beds and the trundle can be pushed to any part of the room giving you three sleeping surfaces.

What we liked about it

This trundle bed full size offers tremendous value for money. With most all-wood bunk beds priced above $700, it serves as a budget friendly option too. Here’s what we liked about it the most.

  • All wood construction
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Beautiful cappuccino finish
  • Easy assembly
  • Accommodates two full sized mattresses that are 54″ x 74″
  • Horizontal slats for the stairs
  • Slat roll foundation prevents the need for bunky board
  • 11 inch distance between the bottom bunk and the floor
  • 30 inches between the two bunks
  • Can be separated into two full sized beds and a separate trundle bed
  • Great value for money

Verdict: Full over full bunk bed with trundle bring practicality and maximize the space in your home. Irrespective of whether you are looking for a bed for three children or additional sleeping spaces for your guests, this bunk bed from Donco is a great choice.

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Twin Over Full Bunk Bed With Trundle Review

When we moved to NJ in November last year, we were a family of four and the three bedroom townhouse was just about right for us. But with a baby on the way this year, we felt the need to conserve every bit of space that we could. So, a bunk bed came into the scheme of things for the two boys. For a while, we considered getting a full over full bunk. But after a bit of research, we decided to go with a twin over full bunk bed with trundle instead.

The bigger one is 11 and can sleep on the lower bunk and the smaller one who’s 8 can sleep on the upper bunk, while the trundle serves as the perfect additional sleeping space for guests and for child sleepovers.

After scourging local furniture outlets for trundle bed on sale, we discovered that most of the twin over full bunk bed with trundle in our price bracket were either made of metal or plastic and we were looking for an all-wooden constructed bed. That’s when we found the Twin over full staircase bunk bed by ‘Discovery World Furniture on Amazon trundle bed deals. This amazing bed is made of soft pine and is one of the best trundle beds that we have seen so far.

One glance and we were sold to be honest. After using it for eight months, it has not been a bad decision at all.

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Beautiful design

One of the first things that we liked about this twin over full bunk bed with trundle is the large horizontal slats used for the stairs. Bunk beds can be everything from castles to fortresses for kids and the last thing we needed was the child tumbling down the stairs. This one gives a firm footing to your child and minimizes the risk of slippage.

We were wondering how to make trundle bed and whether it would take the weight of an adult. After installation, my husband climbed the stairs to make the upper bunk and put the quilt. The bed stayed rock steady. No creaking sound or wobble. It is tested to comply with ASTM and CPSC specifications for safety.

The bed has a honey lacquer finish which blends in perfectly with any type of décor. The edges are rounded and the finish is smooth without any splinters or rough portions.

Overall, it looks amazing when assembled and we have received a lot of compliments from guests about the finish.

Spacious sleeping surface

The full sized lower bunk on this twin over full bunk bed with trundle has a weight capacity of approximately 400 lbs. which makes it a perfect choice for adults too. We have a 10 inch mattress on it and have slept on it in the day time without any problem. Does not feel cramped even when used by two adults.

The upper twin sized bed can be used with an 8 inch mattress and the trundle can be used with a 6 inch mattress.

The stairs can be installed on either side of the bed depending on the alignment of your room. Also, the stairs have built-in dressers or drawers which provide some much needed storage space.


The bed is shipped in multiple boxes with separate parts and except for the chairs and drawers which come preassembled; everything else has to be assembled from scratch. It does include a trundle bed guide, but at times, you can get confused due to the many parts. It took us three hours to assemble everything together. None of the parts were missing or damaged.

Also, we got a tad confused about installing the stairs despite it being mentioned in the instructional manual. We got a quick response from the company though. So plus one for the excellent customer service.  The support we received when buying the twin over full bunk bed with trundle has been a great experience from start to finish.

What we liked about it

Like we mentioned earlier, everything from the design to the construction is top notch. But here’s what we liked the most about this twin over full bunk bed with trundle.

  • Beautiful honey lacquer finish
  • Large horizontal slats for stairs
  • Storage space near stairs
  • Made of soft pine
  • Solid and durable
  • Full sized lower bunk with a weight capacity of 400 pounds
  • Ideal for adults too
  • Twin sized upper bed and trundle
  • Trundle can be pushed to any part of the house when needed
  • Also available with storage dressers in place of the trundle

What could have been better

The only thing that could have been better about this twin over full bunk bed with trundle is the ability to separate the two bunks. This is not down stackable and the only sleeping surface that can be separated is the trundle. So, you will have to use these as it is after assembly.

Verdict: A bunk bed with a trundle made of solid wood priced under $900 is a rarity. This cheapest trundle bed is sturdy, spacious and beautifully designed. Cannot ask for more.

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